My friend George

The boys were shootin’ it out last night.  At the Burr-thday shindig The Man, George Nelson Preston , in Up-a Creek drag, at Morris-Jumel Mansion, celebrating Aaron Burr’s birthday, reminding us that Burr was the only Founding Father to advocate for the rights of Native Americans.

At an event for Aaron Burr at Morris-Jumel Mansion, temp HQ of Gen G. Washington during Battle of Harlem Hgts, how could I not proxy for the 5 Nations (Iroquois) and their Creek-Choctaw-Chicasaw cousins?” asked the esteemed Professor.

IMG_0023I think there were still Native Americans here in the early 19th century.”

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  1. Jackie says:

    George Nelson Preston -extremely good looking in this photo. Reminds me of a George Catlin painting…

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