Nina Mae, the Birthday Princess’s Uptown Saturday Night

Saturday evening, March 15th, a full winter moon over West 162nd Street & Jumel Terrace, and some enchanted one it was. It might have been the most Uptown New York cocktail party I’ve been to since the 1980s. There were black & white movie people, attractive people, very well dressed, the gentlemen in tailored vintage, the women poised, very on the bias, several that I’ve known since the ’70s. They danced a modified fox trot to piano rolls on the baby grand. This is our host, Peter Mintun with Robert White and Eric Comstock playing Dana Suesse’s Steinway. That’s The Girl Gershwin‘s portrait over her piano. The occasion was ostensibly Peter’s dog’s, Nina Mae’s, birthday but everyone knew it was closing night at Mintun’s.  “Who else plays piano around here?  Who else?  Who else?

New York, New York.

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    Thanks for this, Kurt.

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