Paul Robeson’s thoughts on the Morris Jumel Mansion.

“I am an American. From my window I gaze out upon a scene that reminds me how deep-going are the roots of my people in this land. Across the street, carefully preserved as an historic site, is a colonial mansion that served as a headquarters for General George Washington in 1776, during desperate and losing […]

2012 New York Antiquarian Book Fair. Park Avenue Armory

This weekend’s New York Antiquarian Book Fair at the Park Avenue Armory was the expectably tame assembly of devotes of and traders in the printed page would have been just like the previous 36 relatively conventions I’ve attended.  This year I toured the booths with Herb Boyd and Daa’iyaa Lomax Sanusi and had to laff.  […]

Cables to the Ace

Give me a cunning dollar that tells no lie Better informed Truth-telling twenties And fifties that understand I want to carry Cracking new money That knows and loves me And is my intimate all-looking doctor Old costly whiteheaded Family friend I want my money To know me like whiskey I want it to forgive Past […]