Your Action Line.

Q – Help!  I live on Railroad Street and I have been driving to work for many years by way of Lark Avenue.  Now they have put up a “No Left Turn” sign at the intersection of Railroad and Lark and I have to turn right and go all the way to the airport before […]

“People of the World, Relax.”

Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 09:25:24 -0500 Sender: UB Poetics discussion group From: Charles Bernstein Subject: I remember Joe Brainard Joe Brainard died of AIDS on Wednesday. He was 52 years old. ***** PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: RELAX! Beware of boys in tight pants They are perverts Beware of tight pants They chap the fanny […]

Alternate Side of the Page Parking

Harlem.  While I double-parked in front of Brands Liquors on 145th the other day, a contractor from Bergan made an offer on the car I am finding hard to refuse.  Since my mechanic Lou’s retired I have tried several mechanics uptown and have yet to find one sufficient to the task of maintaining anything like […]