Kurt Thometz’s Little Black Bookstore by Orestis Tsonopoulos

Kurt Thometz, a private librarian to the ultra-rich and a rare book collector with an affinity for African literature, surrounds himself with more than 15,000 obsessively organized books in an 1891 brownstone on West 160th Street in Upper Manhattan. Part-bookstore, part-bed and breakfast and private library, Thometz’s home is situated in a neighborhood steeped in African […]

10 books on Art

      There is nothing wrong with lists of 10 so long as they are disassociated with being the BEST of anything.  I may get more requests than most for 10 Best Books, with admonitions NOT to think about it, from the inquiring minds of the internets, where a Zen-like preoccupation with the doctrine […]

The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry & Binding by Dominique Nabokov

New York Review of Books. Aug. 19th, 2013 Jane McManus by Dominique Nabokov May 3, 2013 – September 12, 2013  In the introduction to her exhibition, “The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry and Binding,” Camilla Huey describes the show as a “series of portraits, exploring the letters, published works and lives of a […]