With a Weapon and a Grin:

Postcard images of France’s Black African Colonial Troups of WWI by Stephan Likosky.  (Anglen, Pa.:  Schiffer Military History, 2017)  . “C’est le blanc qui crée le nègre.” – Frantz Fanon. In light of Steven Bannor’s elevation to Gauleiter in the new Trump administration, this morning’s most poignant read’s been his mentor Josef Goebbels’ Principals of Propaganda.  By […]

Books as Weapons, 2016

Tragedy: The Orestia by Aeschylus and Sophocles Electra.  It was Richard Strauss’s version of the latter at the Met this spring (for me the artistic achievement of 2016) that set me off rereading classic tragic magic in light of our very American dilemmas.  The curse of the House of Atreus, also my family’s saga, has […]

Saturday Night Disappointment

A flip book in more ways than one.  Less “Uncooked” than Mad hard-boiling Negritude Noir from the Master Miller O. Albert.  A Mighty Abyss of Love Making.  Boom Akalakalaka! Saturday Night Disappointment. To enlarge click on the small screen on the left.