I’z a beamin’

“Special Education is a Service, Not a Place”: A Closer Look At Autism In Inclusive Settings. by Adam Thometz Autism creates a unique set of challenges for any educator and this is especially true in an ICT classroom. There are many reasons for this, including a lack of a common understanding of what autism is […]

Garotas de Papel – Paper Girls

Garotas de Papel – Paper Girls. The Livros de Sacanagem of Carlos Zéfiro. “The sun, the scanty clothing, the mixing of races, the taste of sin, all have contributed to making Brazil the most erotic land on the planet.  here we show how carnival, TV, newspapers, writers, composers, and fleshy girls are all together in […]

If I Can’t Sell It I’ll Sit On It, I Just Won’t Give It Away.

A selection from the golden era of 42nd Street XXX bookshops, so far back that they only sold print-on-paper porn.  In the 1970s and ’80s, when gender studies were a more an intimately personal interest than an academic pursuit, Times Square was where you went to find out what you still can’t learn in school.  […]