Does it get any better than this?


George (left & above) & Kurt (below)               Riding around in taxies.  Look out for us!  Yr backseat mens. also see:  Neighborhood Slice: Promo

Books Are Weapons


Get out of jail.  Image: William Cordova




Rap Debaffler.

As many of my friends and clientele who don’t “get” poetry don’t “get” rap music.  There are people who didn’t “get” jazz either.  This may or may not help these sad mutherfuckers but it is sure to “get” those who do:  

My friend George

Me & George

The boys were shootin’ it out last night.  At the Burr-thday shindig —The Man, George Nelson Preston , up-a Creek drag, at Morris-Jumel Mansion, celebrating Aaron Burr’s birthday, reminding us that Burr was the only Founding Father to advocate for the rights of the Native Americans. “ At an event for Aaron Burr at Morris-Jumel […]

Goofin’ Off – “Black Employment Month” at Jumel Terrace Books

1 Dead, 7 Injured. In memorium: The Awad family.


See: NY1 Deadly Fire in Prospect Heights The Daily News: Man leaps to death escaping fire started in downstairs Brooklyn hardware store This horrific thing happened to my old dear neighbors last night and I’m reeling.  From 1987 to 1995 the Haifa Food Market on Flatbush, between 6thand St. Marks’ Avenues, was the family bodega. […]

Journal. December 4th, 2014. Emergency Room. New York Presbyterian.

Camilla sitting on the end of my stretcher at New York-Presbyterian.

What started out a charmed day followed a charmed evening.  Wintery grey December dawned on the dark and dreary side of New York City on the 2nd, Tuesday, when I went to see the exhibition of Leonard Lauder’s primo collection of early Picasso, Braque, Gris & Leger at the Met before meeting with himself to […]

Amongst da Lawd’s Chosen Few Hall of Fame


George Nelson Preston, Melvin Van Peebles & Adger Cowan at their opening (12 Nov 2014) at Mert D. Simpson Gallery. 38 W 28th St #5. 12 Nov 2014.

Ma femme.

Ma femme

 Camilla Huey in Hermes on the A train.  Nov. 1st, 2014 ♡♡♡♡