Ma femme.


 Camilla Huey in Hermes on the A train.  Nov. 1st, 2014


2 Responses to “Ma femme.”
  1. Jeffrey Scherer says:

    Killing you softly w her beguiling smile.

  2. Kimball Lockhart says:

    Can this possibly be true, Kurt?/I’ll try to send you some stuff that Anthony Cox and I are working on together, soon–me, graphics, and the story of Zazie, blossoming into movie star–Anthony into the even more fabulous as he likes to call himself the black George Clooney: we’re spreading and preening our wings. He is apparently having a hell of a lot more good luck than me, concretely, fortunately distracting him from scoring my fucking film, the sonofabitch../It’s all good. We are kicking one anothers’ asses into fighting shape./You don’t happen to have a spare Arriflex 35 you could lend me for a Staten Island ferry shoot./All best, Kim.

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