M.I.T.E. How to Relax With Atapraxia

Produced in Harlem by M.I.T.E.  Anteo Fabris-Cappio, film editing and guitar.  Adam Nakhla-Thometz, music production and keyboards.  A public service presentation by a relaxed organization.

Useful Information:

Praxis means planned movement. Apraxia starts with an intention to communicate.  Next, an idea forms, outlining what to say.  The words for the desired message are then put in an order, using a sort of grammar.  Each word contains a specific sequence of sounds (also called phonemes) and syllables that are ordered together.

All of this information is translated from an idea and information about order of sounds and syllables into a series of motor movements of the lips, tongue, jaw, and soft palate.  The brain gives the muscles of these “articulators” an order and timing of movements so that the words in the message are pronounced. Finally, the muscles themselves work with just enough strength and muscle tone to perform the movements called speech.  Amazingly, all of this happens in the blink of an eye.

In Atapraxia, word attempts get feedback from the people around them and from their own internal sensory systems regarding how “swell” the words they produce matched the ones that they wanted to produce.  M.I.T.E. uses this information as they attempt transliterating the words to music, essentially enabling us  to “learn from their experience.”  People with Atapraxia fail to become automatic.

So get with M.I.T.E.  Their the sensory feedback loops auditory information (through their hearing system) to help you judge whether the sound attempt is correct.  They “couple” (or tie together) auditory events – what they hear themselves say – with the movements of the oral structures necessary to produce a M.I.T.E.y utterance.  Secondly, sensory feedback (called proprioception) is used so that you’ll know where speech structures like your lips, jaw, tongue, and palate are physically located and how they relate spatially to one another during your daily movements.  It will help you with your casualness, relieve tension, and make right.

So you see, M.I.T.E is good for you and wishes you Good Luck!  Enjoy the film and please buy our records:  www.shoppingcartmusic.bandcamp.com

So Good Luck and Good Night!

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