Mary Emmons sings. Corseted. 6 p.m. May 18th. Morris-Jumel Mansion.

Tonight at the Jumel Mansion, a dramatic interpretation of Camilla’s Loves of Aaron Burr exhibition, costumed and propped by Herself, and featuring her interpretation of Madame Jumel’s table set for Joseph Bonaparte: “There in the dining room on the left was the table – china, glass, still there, and gold ornaments and pyramids of confections, still standing on this greasy, dusty table, crumbled and moulded. It is à la Havisham in “Great Expectations.” This same table Mrs. Appleton Haven saw twenty years ago. It is unchanged now, except Madame was persuaded by Mrs. O’Conor that it was imprudent to leave so many gold and silver ornaments about, so some of them were put into the safe.” Diary of Miss Anna Parker, after a visit with Madame Jumel at the Mansion, 1862.  Tickets are $25  r.s.v.p. (212) 923-8008.
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