The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry and Binding

As most of you know, Camilla and I have immersed ourselves in Harlem Heights history since moving uptown 9 years ago now. Starting with the Founding Brothers, we have worked our way through the Founding Fathers and come to the inconvenient truths of the feminist Aaron Burr and the Founding Sisters. Jumel Terrace Books was one result and this exhibition at the Morris-Jumel Mansion is another: portraits in corsetry of the women who mentored Burr and who Burr, in turn, mentored. Had anyone cared to take notice before, we’d all be better off.
Toward invisioning this Vindication of it all we need a dollar. Can you find it in your heart to Kickstart us?

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  1. Ivonne Casas says:

    Hi Kurt – I must have this book! I have some interesting experiences myself with medical corsets…..and other such things….

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